Connection Points
 KIDS CONNECT: This connection point is an interactive Sunday morning experience which is designed to minister to children from ages 2 to 7th grade.  During any Sunday morning or Wednesday night experience the kids are engaged with age appropriate interactive teaching, in which they are led to discover the greatness of their God.   The age breakdown for kids connect is as follows:
Preschool:   We have a fully staffed preschool which serves as a connection point for those children in kindergarten and under.  Your children will engage in many hands on environments to help them learn the stories of God. These students will be checked in by the parents and picked up at the end of any service time.
Worship Warehouse:  This environment is designed to minister and connect with Children grades 1 – 4 on a Sunday morning.  The Warehouse is designed to engage the children in an adventure of discovery to find out who God really is as they participate in object lessons and worship songs which reveal the awesomeness of our God.  Children attending Worship warehouse will be checked in by parents and picked up at the end of any service time.
57:  This environment is designed to minister and connect with our mid-teens from grades 5th to 7th.  The desired goal for our 57’s is to meet their high energy needs with a lot of hands on teaching and experiences that will assist them in finding their place in God’s plan.  
 TEEN CONNECT:   Our teenagers grades 8 – 12 meet during the Sunday morning experience  after the worship experience in the main sanctuary on weeks 2,3,and 4 of the month.  The object of this experience is to take our teens from discovery to connect them with life application in living out the biblical principles they have learned.
 ADULT  CONNECT:   As an adult we want you to connect with the River of Life family.  Here are some ways that you can get involved:
SUNDAY MORNING CELEBRATION:  You do not want you to miss Sunday mornings starting at 9:15 to 10:30 am and 11 am to 12:30 pm. This is when we gather to celebrate in the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In our services you will be informed on coming events, led into an atmosphere of worship, taught the Word of God, and released to passionately pursue your relationship with Christ.  
WEDNESDAY NIGHT OASIS:  Oasis is our mid-week experience which is designed for all ages.  During this experience there is an adult class which is taught by different teachers.  
LIFE GROUPS:  One of the ways you can get connected is to join a life group.  In your life group you will worship, pray, serve, fellowship, and learn together.  We grow bigger by growing smaller.  
KNIGHTS OF THE 21ST CENTURY: The men meet every Thursday night at 7 pm in the hallway.  The Knights program is a five step program which takes the men through a process of becoming the men that God created them to be as they learn and share throughout the course.
SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST:  Every first Sunday of the month a fellowship breakfast is provided before the morning service.  This is a great time to come and sit down and simply talk with others before we enter into our morning worship.  Come on out and get to know someone.  IT’S FREE!!!!
SERVE:   As an adult we want you to connect with the River of Life family and there is no better way then when you serve with others in ministry.  We want people involved and not sitting on the pews.  The first  step to service is to enter our Christian Life and Leadership classes which are held once a month in which you will go through the three class  to find your specific service area.  GET INVOLVED!
EVENTS:   If you want to meet people come to any of our ministry or fellowship events which occur throughout the year.  They are open to all and serve as a great way to meet others at the River.   
(Christian Life And Service Seminar)
CLASS 101:  This is our introductory class to membership at the River.  Here you will learn more about what the church believes, its structure and strategy, and basically why we do what we do.  At the end of the class you will engage in a membership covenant and be asked to take formal membership in the church.
CLASS 201:  This class is your next step  in  the connection process at the River.  In  this class we will give you practical steps on achieving the spiritual disciplines of your faith.  At the end of this class you will engage in a spiritual development covenant.
CLASS 301:  This class is your opportunity to discover the ministry that God has for you.  We believe all Christians were meant to serve.  After this class you will sign a service covenant and be helped in finding your ministry within the church body.
CLASS 401:  Advanced Leadership Training occurs on a quarterly basis,  usually on a Sunday night and is for all of those who have gone through all three of the classes.  This time will be a time of enrichment as you partner will all the ministries of the church and problem solve, dream, and have direct input into the development of the ministries at River of Life Church.